10 day Group detox – day 1

Today is group 1 of our fall group detox. This morning we woke up to a lovely breakfast shake… actually it wasnt too bad at all. I put berries, spinach, dandelion leaf, apple juice, almond milk, a banana and 1 scoop of detox powder with my probiotic! I mixed it twice so I could eat my lunch.

For a snack I had a good Georgian Bay Spartan apple and 10 almonds.
My afternoon snack was a green tea, pear and some unsweetened applesauce.

Diner – luckily my husband will be making this – some organic chicken on the BBQ with rosemary and lemon, steamed rappini and a salad with lemon, garlic and olive oil (right from Italy’s olive grove).

Tonight we have our second meeting and I promised some food. I popped in to a shop in MIDLAND called Ciboulette et Cie- they have excellent fresh dips for those who are always in a rush. They are very well priced. They have a sweet potato dip that is excellent but we can’t have (sorry mayo). I bought their hummus and a goat cheese ball with rice crackers. We will also provide some sweets in the form of a “ENERGY TRUFFLE”. Yes… a ball of yummy goodness.

Looking forward to the 10 days ahead and hope the group feels well!

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