Environmental Health Week

Environmental Health Week

JANUARY 18- 22     2010

Link: Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors, http://www.ciphi.ca

Is your drinking water contaminated?

The concept of environmental health can boggle the mind. How do you keep up with the topics of organics/pesticides/herbicides, hormones, heavy metals, environmental pollution, wood staining, paints, and plastics …. The list can go on and on!

My first suggestion is to make one change. Start with something simple like the water you drink. We should be drinking 8 glasses per day, keeping well hydrated since our body is more then 50% water. Not only do we ingest it, but we absorb water through our shower or bath.

There are many ways that your water can become contaminated. Do you live near a farm or golf course? Agriculture can leach pesticides, herbicides and defoliants into the water stream via the ground. Perhaps you leave near a factory? Industrial pollution can drop formaldehyde, phenols, detergents, phosphates, phthalates and PCB’s into your water system. The city/town water is purified to ensure no bacteria exists however you are then exposed to chlorine and other elements. Even your water pipes can be of concern; lead, copper, PVC.

Your mind can go crazy thinking of all these things but remember the goal is to reduce the total body load. Therefore, water is a great way to start your path to environmental consciousness. Here are some great resources:

Water testing:

Your local water depot offers a free water analysis: http://www.waterdepotinc.com/free_water_analysis.html

Your local health unit can check well water samples which is recommended 3 times per year:


Further more comprehensive testing is available through outsourced labs:


All these contaminants play a critical role in disrupting hormones, the neurological system, and the immune and cardiovascular system and may promote cancer growth. Humans are a vacuum cleaner to environment pollutants. Ask yourself the last time you cleaned out your body filters; lungs, kidney, liver, lymphatic, bowel and skin. We are happy to get you started on your path to detoxification that is custom to your body and lifestyle. Call us for a free meet & greet to discover Naturopathic Medicine further.

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