Exciting news….

Exciting news for patients at olea health. With being in practice for 10 years and working with women’s health and hormones and aging- I have decided after much research and clinical hands on practice to add this service- transdermalproation- a microcirrent system developed in Poland to allow the delivery of medications, compounds, natural skin care and pain management compounds to a deeper tissue level- acne, Rosacea, anti aging, and many other skin concerns to pain management when reaching a deeper tissue.

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More information to follow.

The organic natural skin care line has really been impressive for me as well and that’s a lot to say for me as I am not normally impressed with products easily!!!


Some BIG changes at Olea Health you can’t miss!


To our valued Olea Health patients,


Some BIG changes at Olea Health you can’t miss!  After almost 9 years in the same location, we will be moving offices on DEC 1, 2016– RIGHT NEXT DOOR, into UNIT 4. Olea Health will be sharing an office space and administration with Dr. Cam Stott at Wasaga Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy.


Joining me in the move is Tracy Bertrand, Registered Social Worker and Isabel Fernandes, Nutrition & Wellness Specialist.  Unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to our RMT’s, Jenn Hogan and Amanda Lacey, as well as Carmen at Reception.  We wish them all the best in their future endeavors. If patients wish to connect with our RMT’s please call our office, we will be happy to forward their information. Our new location will have 3 qualified RMT’s, who have been with Dr. Cam for a few years.


Our office phone number and email will stay the same at 705.429.0015 and admin@oleahealth.com ORinfo@oleahealth.com.  We are excited to welcome Angie Rowland, who is the current administrator at Wasaga Family Chiropractic. Angie will be the new familiar face at Olea Health, assisting me at reception.


Our office will be closed NOV 28 until NOV 30, as we move spaces. Please be patient with calls, supplements, follow ups and emails during this time. It will take some adjusting, as we all fall back into a rhythm again.


Though bittersweet, as Unit 3 has been a second home for almost 9 years, I welcome this change with positivity and growth and look forward to seeing everyone in my new office.


In good health,


Dr. Monika Lukacena- Russo, BSc. ND.